fear.(the mixtape)

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“Bare with me”

To whomever is reading this, it is with great pleasure and humility that i announce to you my debut project:

FEAR.(The mixtape)

This project is very special to me; not only because it’s my very FIRST release, but because it represents this time in my life where I finally feel that I’ve conquered my fears.  Having done this, I can share my creativity with the world without the crippling FEAR that has held me back for so long.  My musical journey has been one of discovery.  I have waged a seriously long battle with myself over my music and how it should sound. I became hyper critical of myself which destroyed my confidence.  I started to think that my music was missing something, lacked quality, which led to the fear of sharing what I had poured so much love and passion to created - simply because I stopped trusting myself.  I can now say that I am in a much better place — more confident, more comfortable with the creative me. I’ve arrive at a place where I am ready to show the world my talents, my creative side.  Through this project I hope that my story  serves as motivation to others who struggle with fear, anxiety and self-doubt— at any level within any industry.

No matter what the circumstances in your life are, we must learn to move without fear…

fear. (The Mixtape) will be released soon so I ask that you please, bare with me

Thank you all for your continuous support

I hope that we all overcome fear and be GREAT in everything we do


Ace Brav